😄Welcome to Creation in Blue!😄

I'm just a girl who likes the color blue and creating stuff, too.

Artist's Statement

As a writer, I like to mostly write fiction and poetry focusing on genres like fantasy or the supernatural when it comes to prose and more emotional topics when it comes to poetry. Typically,
I like longer stories that take you on an adventure and can continue for many generations like manga sequels where it either continues the story or focuses on the new generation (shout out
to manga fans). My eBook titled, The Courting, is one of the longer works that I am currently working on with the supernatural and fantasy theme that I plan to have extensive chapters for
(although I do not know exactly how many). I usually deal with pen and paper or the good old simple word processor when writing stories, but the digital age has brought with it interesting
ways of presenting ideas and stories that cannot be created with pen and paper or even a simple word processor alone. As a writer who enjoys adventure and creating immersive worlds to dive
into, I think that digital media provides an excellent platform to do that even though software may not be the easiest thing to work with. I think that one of the biggest challenges that I
have faced – or rather, one of the biggest things that I have realized is just how much you can do with digital media and the effects that it can have on your writing. For example, working
with code has been one of the most challenging things for me, but I see how much code can add in terms of effects to one’s writing if used correctly. As I continue on as a writer inside and
outside of digital media, I hope to continue to experiment with different artist forms and styles of writing.

If you would like, feel free to check out my eBook: The Courting.